Web Site Credits


This site is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Elizabeth (Betsy) S. Sasser, who passed away August 14, 2005. Dr. Sasser will be remembered as a devoted wife, mother, friend, and mentor.


Except where explicitly stated, all text, photographs, music, and art are the intellectual property of Lowell Cross and are protected by copyright laws. All rights reserved. Materials may not be reproduced without permission.

Gregory Cross was responsible for the page layout, graphic design, interactive Flash demonstrations, media digitization, and content conversion for the LowellCross.com web site. Text appearing in Flash animations or that not directly attributed to Lowell or a third party was written by Gregory.

Nora Cross transcribed most of the articles appearing on the site.

Karen Cross Durham and Byron Durham provided supplemental research materials used in the development of this web site.

Thanks to Troy Larsen and Marty Dippel for their review of the web site.

Technical Details

LowellCross.com is hosted by Avalon Networks in Iowa City, IA.

HTML and CSS content was created and edited in the vi editor. Graphics and images were composed and processed with Adobe Photoshop. Interactive demonstrations were created in Flash MX. Movie clips were converted to QuickTime using MPEG Streamclip and Apple QuickTime Pro.

LowellCross.com was created on the Apple Mac OS X platform. The site has been reviewed in Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Efforts have been made to conform to the Chicago Manual of Style, 15th Edition and the CSS2 specification.

QuickTime is a registered trademark of Apple Computer, Inc. Flash is a trademark of Macromedia, Inc. Photoshop is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems, Inc.